What I need from you before I can design your website

what I need from you before I can design your website.jpg

There are a few things that I need from you in order to bring your vision of your new site to life!

The two main items that are needed are your homework and your content. Let me break those down further….


There are two pieces of homework that I need you to complete before we get started. 

1) Pinterest board

I will create a secret Pinterest board and start adding a few ideas that I have for your new site. I will then add you to this board and you can add any ideas that you have or delete any of mine that you aren’t happy with. Once the board is finalized, we should have a pretty clear idea of the aesthetic in mind.

2) Design questionnaire

I will send over my design questionnaire. Heads up, this is pretty lengthy. However, all of the information needed is asked on this questionnaire so this will help to eliminate a lot of back and forth emails of me needing more info along the way. Plan to spend some time on this because the more information provided, the better I can understand exactly what you’re going for!

Your homework will help me establish and identify the aesthetic that you are envisioning. This will help me understand your visual direction as well as any important features that need to be included that you maybe didn’t think about before. This helps us both make sure that there is a clear end goal to what we will be working towards.


1) Copy (text)

I will need your text for your new site. Depending on the type of site and industry you are in, this usually will consist of your about story, who you are, who you serve, why your products or service you offer is different from your competitors, and other items that are important to convey to your audience. Make sure that your text is written in your brand’s voice so it will resonate with your customers/clients.

2) Photography

Your photography will set the tone for the visual of your site. Therefore, I recommend using professional or stock photography. As you will need to own the rights to the photography used on your site, you will first purchase it and then provide it to me to be able to use exclusively on your site. Just as a side note, great photography really elevates the look and feel of not only the site, but your brand.

3) Product Information

If your site is an e-commerce site, I will need your product information. Product information consists of the categories of the products, description, price, colors, sizes, as well as the photography for each product. Pro tip: product photography shows up on the site best when photographed in a well-lit area with a solid white background. 


The reason I require all of your content before designing your site is because websites are designed and laid out around the content, not the other way around. Once we get started, I will get you set up in my project management system, Asana. This is where you will upload all of your content. This will help us both to stay organized so information doesn’t slip into the email cracks. 

Once I have received your homework and content, we will jump on a consult call. This will ensure that we are both on the same page and good to move forward. From there, I will start designing and bringing your new website to life